Upcoming Events & Exhibitions

4/1/2012-4/7/2012 Diego Rivera Gallery, 800 Chestnut St. San Francisco

                                  Open to the public 9am-7pm

                                  Opening Reception & Artist Talk 4/3/12 @4:30pm


For commission requests, questions or comments, please contact:


ph: 408.710.4026

Prints available for purchase online. please visit: 



Each work begins on unprimed cotton canvas. The canvas is initially stained with acrylic ink and color is gradually built up on the surface using a combination of ink and various acrylic mediums, manipulated by brush and palette knife. The initial stain serves as point of reference for space to travel through and around. Layers of transparent colors create an atmospheric light that gives the viewer a psychic space to travel through or pause within.   

These works serve as landscapes for the mind, letting the viewer float into an atmosphere free of established structures and human hierarchy. Organic forms and strong flows of energy are inspired by the forces of the natural world, and the persistent cycle of growth and deterioration always taking place around us. Landscapes of matter are constantly being devoured and then blossoming again, taking shape and dimension only from what was there or is still forming.  Created intuitively, these paintings should reflect chance and an acceptance of the uncontrollable. 

526 filbert st., San Francisco, CA | 4087104026

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